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    How will the ‘crypto revolution’ affect work and life? It comes not only with technological advancements but also a social revolution and is expected by many to bring more efficiency, transparency and flexibility to the economic landscape. YouthProAktiv had the opportunity to learn more about what some refer to as “the genesis of the 4th industrial revolution” at a ‘meet-the-expert’ session with two experts: Jean-Loick Michaux, Founder of Serendipia Cooperative, Social Entrepreneur and Investor, and Elizabeth Hunker, Entrepreneur in Residence, Investor and Advisor. The session aimed to show the audience how the crypto revolution will forever transform how we live but also how token economics will help to eradicate poverty in developing countries within the next 20 years. A lot of people in the world, especially in Africa, cannot open a bank account, and blockchain technology can help people from around the world have access to new resources and thus improve their lives.

    How to Build a Website Like a Professional

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  • Mindset

    Quote I’m pondering —

    “Beware the stories you read or tell; subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world.”

    Ben Okri

  • Short Bio

    Respons-abilities is the world response to your abilities.

    I am the founder and CEO of Serendipia Life Inc., a Techstars BSH Future Home accelerator portfolio company. We are building a global platform of coliving and coworking communities.
    Co-host for the Blockchain for Social Impact Summit and president of the Belgian Blockchain and Crypto Assets Federation.

    Also, a co-founder of Serendipia’s social innovation camps in Thailand and a co-living house founder for mission-driven millennials in San Francisco - Serendipia Nest. Previously, co-founder of Simba Education increasing access to early childhood education using mobile technologies in Zimbabwe
    Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from HULT International Business in San Francisco and Bachelor in the Arts of Business with Cum Laude from the University of Wales in Brussels.
  • Currently Building: Serendipia Life Inc.

    Reinventing the ways we live together.

    We believe that everyone should have a community they can belong to.

    We are empowering coliving communities worldwide.

  • Experiences as a Founder and Business Leader

    "Above all, you want to create something you're proud of. This has always been my philosophy of business. I can honestly say that I have never gone into any business purely to make money. If that is the sole motive, then I believe you are better off not doing it."

      Sir Richard Branson

    Simba Education


    We won Startup Weekend leading to being regional finalist of the HULT Prize in San Francisco before to raise 52,000$ during an Indiegogo campaign. Today Simba is still active in Zimbabwe and South Africa after having raised $250,000 from local investors. We had to split ways for personal reasons. This experience taught me the importance of communication and human relationship in any kind of organization.

    Think Image Agency

    CEO, Founder

    At the end of my bachelor degree at UBI, we had to create a business plan from scratch and pitch it to Trends Tendance. I got the highest grade and started it straight out of school. It was using my creative thinking and sense of business to help companies with their advertising and marketing. However, I didn't feel like working on something that could be a big impact enough in the world so I decided to focus on tackling the world biggest challenges and left to San Francisco to study social entrepreneurship.

    Powerseed Official Distributor

    Exclusive Reseller for Belgium and Portugal

    With one of my ex-classmate, we negotiated an exclusivity agreement with Snapper, a company based in Hong Kong with a manufacturer in Shenzen producing high quality and innovative tech products. We had to sell 1000 units per months and we kept the exclusivity agreement in Belgium for almost one year until I left for San Francisco to study my masters in social entrepreneurship. This experience made me realise I wanted to work on more meaningful ventures.

  • Education

    "Education is the most powerful tool, which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

    HULT International Business School

    San Francisco

    Masters in Social Entrepreneurship.




    Digital Design Portolio Program



    HULT Prize


    Made it as a regional finalist of the HULT Prize with Simba. We raised $53K on Indiegogo and ended up in the last best 7 team out of 20,000.


    EF Education First

    London. San Diego. Antwerp. Cape Town.

    Languages learning travelling the world.


    Silicon Student

    Startup Dream Team

    Silicon Valley


    The academy of entrepreneurship
    for young talents from around the world.


    The School of Greatness Academy

    Online MasterMind Academy for Lifestyle Entrepreneur.


    Hubspot Academy


    Online university for a digital marketing specialisation


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  • Job Experiences

    "The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein

    Action Project


    Business Model Engineering

    TF is a social impact investors network established in Silicon Valley.

    Clinton Global Initiative

    Volunteering for the event planning and organization of the 10th and last edition.


    Internship - Cape Town, South Africa

    Language School - Customer service and operational departments. Also worked as an ambassador for the brand.


    San Francisco


    TechCrunch Disrupt 2014

    Sales Man

    Brussels Motorshow 2013 & 2014

    Sales Man


    San Francisco


    75th Birthday of United Nations in Grace Cathedrale

    HULT Prize

    Volunteering for the 2016 Final during the Clinton Global Initiative


    Michaux Construction

    Field Worker and Marketing Partner

    General public work construction company aged 100 years old in Belgium.



    Sales Man

    Brussels Motorshow 2012

    Sales Man




    Internship - Faro, Portugal

    Operational and sales department. + Organization of the 'Sir Bobby Robson Golf Charity Tournament.'


    Ateliers JLM

    Field Worker and Marketing Partner

    Steel industry and Road Building Industry





    Internship - Tana, Madagascar

    Leader of local media industry- Accounting and operational department


    United Business Institutes Brussels

    School representation during business schools fairs in London, Brussels, Luxembourg, etc.

  • Travel

    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever." Gandhi

    Internship in Cape Town

    EF Education First - Marketing Dpt. and Customer Service

    Cape Town, South Africa


    "I used to think that life had a plan for me. Until I realised that life had to be planned by me." I found that sentence written on one of this house in the township of Cape Town. My advice: Step back and re-read it. Realise that you can do pretty much anything with a plan, determination and persistence.



    That day helping, giving food and playing soccer with children over there gave me the want to come back there with bigger project, to try to help them in a sustainable way. Since, I have been looking for opportunities in social entrepreneurship. In the near future, I definitely want to combine again my passions for humanity and soccer.

    Leading the UBI Soccer Team to Cup Der Privaten in Berlin

    International soccer tournament and networking event between business schools

    Soccer has always been a passion, I wanted to share that passion with my fellow students at the United Business Institutes. This is how I started to organize the venue at Cup Der Privaten of the Official UBI Team with their weekly training, official equipment, supporters, travel and accommodations. It was a real success, we won the trophy of the best newcomers out of 64 teams, atmosphere, party and networking were in the place. You can find the presentation I created for the faculty members here and the pictures of the event here.


  • Recommendations

    "Mr. Michaux is an enthusiastic, friendly and modest individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills. His in-class presentation have been exemplary due to their clear demonstration of preparedness and enthusiasm to take that extra step to make a memorable and excellent production.


    Mr. Michaux is a leader. He takes particular care of those in his team, with a unique sense of group-awareness, while setting impressively high team-targets, which he achieves through leading by example. The school is a better place due to Mr. Michaux's contributions.


    Mr. Michaux is an open-minded person and is keen to push innovation which he can demonstrate works."


    Dirk Daenen - CEO of Diuvo and Dean/Teacher at the United Business Institutes Brussels.





    "He very soon became part of our team and everyone treated him as a colleague.


    Jean-Loic is very professional, he's able to work under pressure and deals with deadlines in a very efficient way, he takes ownership and dedicates himself to the job until it's finished and classified. His efficiency, rigor and sense of priorities helped our team in many ways.


    Working with Jean-Loic has been an extreme pleasure and I would recommend him to any company who's looking for a dynamic and driven young man."


    Anka Stenten - School Director of EF Cape Town


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